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Zac Clark is your friendly neighborhood filmmaker born in Chicago, who hustled with artists of Detroit, bustled with punks of Kalamazoo, and who has tussled with filmmakers across four countries, as well as all over the United States.

Clark has been published by Buzzfeed, The Guardian, NPR, The Detroit Free Press, and Darkroom Detroit. As a freelance filmworker, he has operated camera, gaffed, and assisted camera on shoots for Showtime, Ford, Volkswagen, IBM, Stryker, Zoom, Facebook, and numerous independent productions. 

His international music video collaborations for artists Low Roar, Tinlicker, and Anthracite have garnered over 1.5 million combined views on YouTube. 

In 2016 he completed a fellowship with Facing Change: Documenting Detroit, and displayed his series–'Detroit 48217', featuring journalistic photography of Michigan's most-polluted zipcode– at The Detroit Institute of the Arts.

Since the pandemic, Zac’s 2020 Protest photography has been featured on NPR, and his campaign work with young Michigan-local politicians has turned heads and hearts

Clark is an alumnus of Kalamazoo College, with a BA in non-fiction writing.  He currently calls Michigan his home