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Friday - Music Video

This music video was created single handedly by myself. I wrote the story, designed, created and animated the characters, composed all the shots and edited and mastered it. To date it is my favourite project I have worked on. 

When I initially wrote this video, I spent a lot of time conceptualising what it means to not give a shit. Is it a good thing? What does positive apathy look like? I landed on the idea of our hero vibing around town, releasing people from their self induced anxieties but reminding them not to care so much.

Approaching the release date, the track was listed as UMG's global marketing priority. Every single sublabel under UMG that were releasing the track would put all of their marketing force behind it. I was told by Neon, the production label that comissioned the work that in no small part thanks to the quality of my video. So that's pretty cool.