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Sigala & James Arthur ‘Lasting Lover’ Mobile/Desktop Game

Our mobile/desktop browser game for Sigala⁠ & James Arthur's latest banger 'Lasting Lover' is out now. Head here to play:…

The game is based on the video for the song which was filmed at a racetrack and allows you to play as either Sigala or James. The aim of the game is to avoid obstacles and last as long as you can. You can also collect disco balls as you go to gain extra lives.

The game features Spotify and Apple Music integration which drives streams of the track on the chosen streaming service. ⁠⠀⁠⠀

'Lasting Lover' was originally written by Lewis Capaldi as an acoustic song before Sigala worked his magic. You may also recognise the sample in the track which is from MGMT's 2008 hit ‘Time to Pretend’.