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Parlophone Records

Coldplay x BTS 'Supernova 7' 8 Bit Game

Our Coldplay x BTS 'Supernova 7 8-Bit Game' is out now! ⁠Head to… to play

The aim of the game is to collect spaceship parts so that music can once more be broadcast across the Spheres ⁠

You can play as four characters: Switch, Eko, Blaze and Loop. ⁠You must visit the three planets of Floris, Calypso and Supersolis⁠ and avoid the Silencers who are hunting you! ⁠ ⁠

The game which is based on the epic video for 'My Universe' integrates with Spotify and Apple Music to ⁠drive streams. There is also a leaderboard showing the top ten highest-scoring players as well as data collection. Can you make it onto the leaderboard? Good luck! ⁠