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Music video for RVBY by Granttaylor

Bend it like Beckham 2000s era vibes for upcoming artist RVBY AKA Ruby Donadel.

Newly-appointed, budding Britpop star, RVBY, has dropped her new, nostalgic music video for the unrequited love anthem, Hanging On.

​Tinged in a stylish, noughties filter, the video makes overt references to classic Brit cinema hit, Bend It Like Beckham (2002) and the adrenaline attached to its sporty love-triangle story. Harking back to her own experiences on the pitch – before she leaped into her musical career – a football-kit-clad RVBY manoeuvres around grass, training with teammates. Distracted by the coach, with whom she shares lingering, flirtatious glances, RVBY seemingly shoots and scores – until the developing love story takes a sharp turn.