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Radiohead Kid A Mnesia AR Filter

Our AR filter for one of our all-time favourite bands, Radiohead is out now! The filter is for the band's recent 'Kid A Mnesia' album which is a reissue of the albums 'Kid A' and 'Amnesiac' with bonus unreleased tracks.The filter is based around The Blips which were a series of short "advertisements" that were aired on TV during the lead-up to 'Kid A' and Amnesiac. They were usually between five and ten seconds long, with a short extract from one of the songs from the promoted album. The visuals for the blips were made by Stanley Donwood along with several collaborators, featuring the modified bear and various scenes of desolate alien landscapes, similar to those seen in the album art for Kid A.Our filter allows you to film or upload your own content and add Blips to them. The filter also includes buttons that allow you to choose which song to use too.