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Super8 Music Videos


One of my favourite self-initiated projects was my entry to an Ólafur Arnalds video competition. I locked myself away for the weekend and went through boxes of super8 reels looking for a theme. I decided on an alternative angle and made a slightly dark wedding video.

Engineers allowed me the freedom to experiment with the video format, which i had no experience with, and we put out 3 promo videos for the Three Fact Fader album. Clean Coloured Wire is my favourite of the three, I wanted to make a bright, cheerful, summery video to match the tune.

Three Fact Fader album design by Scott Robinson, photography by Tom Sheehan

Gazpacho asked me to create the video for The Wizard of Altai Mountains without even knowing about my love of 8mm film and the fact that I had boxes of reels just waiting for the right job. The band had a tone they wanted to put forward, and the freeze frames helped communicate that.