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I Like It When Your Mean"



"Luke Lovekin experiences every stage of grief in one evening, in Graham Michael Roberts's film noir-inspired promo for I Like It When You're Mean.

Saying goodbye to a fizzled-out relationship, the artist is shown stalking an empty flat, as he drinks, smokes and bounces from room to room. And smokes some more.

The confident, sexually-charged performance blends perfectly with the gritty textures of the cinematography, creating a sense of allure and mystery, wrapped up in the enigma that is Lovekin.

A marvelous introduction to the artist, well-executed and engaging throughout. "

Director: Graham Roberts -

Assistant Director: Luke Lovekin (@lukelovekin)

DoP: Ed Stone (@_edstone)

Gaffer: Beck Clewlow (@james_t_arson)