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Fred Again - Live Show and Video for Angie

I have been in touch with Fred Again.. since February 2020, developing a live show and for obvious reasons that got put on hold

We picked up the threads about a year later to bring this concept to life for a live stream event, Fred samples a lot of vocals from novices and well known recording artists using social media as his primary 'crate to dig in' we wanted to bring a human presence to his live shows with these samples so we developed a relatively small screen next to his live set up so these vocalists can appear on stage with him

I have reversed engineered his edits to the original audio clips so the videos sync and its all controlled over MIDI triggers so Fred can improvise live and the video clips follow in sync

We will be taking this show out on the road from late 2021 and have a hectic schedule for 2022 already

The rest of the visuals are edited from a selection of videos shot on mobile phones largely by Fred and by others, to capture his vision of ‘actual life’

The video for Angie was created using the same technique directly after the live show to create that same emotive canvas for an online audience