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Vexed - series 1 title sequence

Vexed (Series 1) is a British comedy-drama, police procedural television series for BBC Two. Created and written by Howard Overman, the first series stars Lucy Punch as D.I. Kate Bishop and Toby Stephens as D.I. Jack Armstrong, a detective duo with a fractious relationship. Jack is lazy and disorganised but charming whereas Kate is efficient and usually exasperated by Jack's way of doing things. The show also starred Rory Kinnear who plays Kate's husband Dan, with whom she is going through marriage counselling. Other recurring characters are Naz, an eccentric crime scene specialist, and Tony, owner of the bar at which the characters relax. The drama is set in contemporary London.

As it was a new series the titles needed to be classy but also show the comedy aspect of the show. With Tim Searle, we decided upon something to resemble panning around an evidence table to introduce the cast and crew with a touch of Saul Bass in the high contrast design. Every shot had to be rotoscoped, and even some backgrounds were recreated for cleaner plates.

I was also asked to supply bumpers and logo designs for promotion.