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Tiger Aspect Productions- BBC

Boy meets Girl- title sequences- series 1 & 2

BOY meets GIRL

Boy meets Girl was a high profile LGBT romantic comedy for the BBC that ran for two seasons.

I was lucky enough to be asked to work with Tim Searle and Tiger Aspect Productions to design and create the title sequences for both series as well as title cards and end credit bumpers that the editor could use in house.

The concept of the titles was to introduce the styles of the two families coming together and meeting, represented by the different picture frames as found in each of the family homes, meeting in the middle as the two main characters came together bringing the families closer.

As an extra loving touch and to make the characters stand out in the frames, I rotoscoped the cast from the rushes and recreated each scene in each frame by hand to add a subtle 3D depth as the camera panned around the location.