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Zoë McPherson - Inouï (and free) // Music video


Inouï (and free) - Zoë Mc Pherson

Chapter VI of the String Figures Audiovisual album in 7 parts, by Zoë McPherson, directed by Alessandra Leone.

Traditional Inuit culture meets techno-futurism in this beguiling audio-visual explosionPart of an ongoing audiovisual album—titled 'String Figures'—by Zoë Mc Pherson, this film is directed by Alessandra Leone and animated by Andreas Barden.

Vimeo STAFF PICK Feb, 2018

Premiered on Nowness…

In Depth Interview Directorsnotes…

Winner Best Experimental @ Berlin Music Video Awards

Winner Best Music Video @ Berlin Independent Film Festival 2019

Winner Best Experimental Music Video @ Aphrodite Film Awards 2019

Finalist @ Rome Independent Prisma Awards 2019


Silver Sound Showdown Music + Video Festival NYC

Video Art and Experimental Film Festival NYC

International Music Video Underground Paris

AMV Festival in Austin (TX) 2018

Krakow Film Festival 2018

Hafen Kunst Kino 2018


Direction - Alessandra Leone

Concept and music - Zoë Mc Pherson, Alessandra Leone

3D Animation - Andreas Barden

DoP - Julian Moser

Mastering - Rashad Becker

Produced by Zoë Mc PhersonThanks to the support of Flanders, state of art.