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Nettwerk Music Group

Day by Day - Old Sea Brigade

The 2nd video of a trilogy of videos for Old Sea Brigades newest full length album.

"The entire three part series for Old Sea Brigade, was inspired by the idea of double-mindedness. The notion of trying to find a way to escape one's own thoughts that contradict. In a way the "dark double" in our series is the schizophrenic thoughts of fragmentation. He is not unified until he leaves those many voices behind. With Ben's lyrics creating a very unique language of imagery - “Stranger in the mirror his smile makes me shiver, He wears my features and grinds my teeth” I didn't have to look far for inspiration. This also informed the first video, How It Works, set in a desert dream. In that one Ben faces his inner self with a gun in hand. In Day by Day it's with a silent goodbye. We aimed for a look that was mysterious, dripping with melancholy. We didn't want to shy away from the moodiness, but juxtapose the psychological with a dance like quality. A shadow play of both mind and music."