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Music video for Milos Karadaglic by Souvid


Deliver on UMG brief for a MUSIC PROMO and STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY to visualise a new album from the artist - encapsulating the title track: "The Sound of Silence" and the artist's personal journey from several year's off due to an injury to making a successful come-back now.

The brief was to illustrate a guitarist perfoming in isolation from the city's moving crowds, in a world of his own with elements of nostaglia, melancholy and resilience. In practice this involved a small-scale shoot in various locations of London, studio green-screen elements and VFX in post.

Artist - Milos Karadaglic @milosguitar

Agency - Universal Music Group / Decca Records

Commissioner - Lana Hunter

Producer - Amy Lotherington @amylotherington

Camera Assistant - Anna Howing @annahowing

Production Assistant - Brianna Ferguson @briiferguson

VFX - Serhiy Protsenko & Gerardo Schiavone

Director / DOP - Souvid Datta

An SDFilms Production