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Kiss Kanoo - Outta Time (Official Music Video)

Produced by Ombra Design Creative Director and Set Design: Lorenzo De Pascalis Director and Storyboard: Nicholas Celano Director of Photography and Storyboard: Riccardo Garofalo Production Manager: George Doherty Lighting Director: Ryan Nixon Resolume: Gianluca Barbiero Color Correction: Giacomo Cordisco Make Up Artists: Giorgia Chiarella & Beatrice Birolo Outta Time Producer: Mario Fanizzi Production Location and Rental: Siyan Ltd

About Kiss Kanoo: A new emerging artist residing in London. Italian born and raised in the US and Australia, Kiss Kanoo comes ready with a swathe of influences culminating in a collection of different cultures embodied by Dark Pop. Beats. Synthwave. Fashionista. Expect new music released throughout 2021.