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Pelagic Records

Les Temps Perdus

Short music film for French post-rock band Bruit ≤

Writer & Director - Jeremie Brivet
Executive Production - La Tanière
Produced by Alpha Bravo Studios
Executive Producer - Jai Garcha
Producers - Nada El-Hammoud, Jai Garcha, Jeremie Brivet, Joseph Mutale
Production Assistant - Mehma Kaur
Director of Photography - Matt Butler
Gaffer - Cheal
Casting - Jeremie Brivet & Audrey Laage
Art Department - Nada El-Hammoud & Hakima Ndione
Post Production by Alpha Bravo Studios
Editor & Colorist - Jeremie Brivet

Will Chambers
Nicholas Anscombe
Harold Jude Rose
Anthony Hilton
Allan Thurbon
Elise Verney

With the help of the CNM