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Ben Marc - BREATHE

BREATHE Suite B - Ben Marc

A woman goes on a journey of escape and self-discovery, in Sebastian Whyte's powerful visual for Ben Marc. 

The video for Breathe follows the main character - played by Sherelle Johnson - as she travels from the city to the countryside and back. Filmed in London and South East England, this was initially inspired by the road movie genre and it works both as an engaging short film and a music video, anchored by strong performances from its cast.

"Originally, the plan was to have a couple on the run as the main focus," says Sebastian Whyte. "However various constraints and actors dropping out meant that we had to tweak the narrative. Then I became fascinated with the idea of a single female protagonist, who is fragile and vulnerable, yet strong, single-minded and independent.

"In a strange way, her semi-meditative journey of discovery mirrors the evolution of the film's narrative. And throughout the driving force is Ben's beautifully epic soundtrack."
[PromoNews 2021]