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Experimental Film

Stamina (2020) Experimental Animated Short Film

Password: downwithnature

This short film is not accessible yet because I have submitted it to film festivals and await their decision. It has already received the award 'Honorable Mention' by the Experimental Forum, L.A. based film festival. The film was screened by Delete TV on a TV channel dedicated to experimental films.

STAMINA is an experimental, animated short film inspired by ecocritical theory and environmental aesthetics. The uncanny is questioning concepts of Heimat, naturalness and a nature that exists separated from human animals. As Timothy Morton put it: "dark ecology dances with subject-object duality".

Graduation film produced within two months (May-July 2020) B.A. Film + Motion Design at UE Germany (University of Applied Sciences Europe)

Created under supervision of Prof. Benjamin Dickmann and Prof. Volker Schlecht

Idea, Animation and Sound Design by Nadin Heinke