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Crazy Comets

Crazy Comets | Mobile Game

We aided in production in colaboration with SANXION DIGITAL to make CRAZY COMETS.

Help the Crazy Comets defend the universe from Space Emperor Colin and his evil minions in this endless galactic space rumble.

Collect power-ups, defeat colossal bosses, survive the deadly cosmic elements and battle the relentless galactic invaders to become the ultimate comet champion.

Smash enemies off the screen and use lasers, fireballs, space lighting, forcefields, meteors, ghosts, invisibility and more to destroy wave after wave of otherworldly baddies.

Play and earn Star Coins to spend in the Comet Store to collect over 25 unique Crazy Comets.

Users control the comets through a specially designed device tilt system that raises the bar for accelerometer controlled games.