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Migiri - Virtual Pop Star Production & Management


Migiri is a media company specialising in the creation and management of Virtual artists.

We work with record companies to design, create and manage all the content creation and help explore the possibilities of innovative applications of the IP.

We have built a series of systems that use motion capture to create Virtual Pop Stars allowing us to create large volumes of content from our artists, react quickly and blur the lines between fans, content and music.

The technology is not just fast but versatile. For example, we can create a different fan experience from the same stream for fans in real space as well as the VR space.

From our conception in 2019, we currently have:-

Over 35,000,000 views online.

Over 250,000 organic YouTube Subscribers

20,000 tickets sold for live concerts

US$350,000 crowdfunded for content creation

2 Virtual Merchandising store

1 Physical Merchandising

Live & VR Concerts

Virtual Blockchain Merchandising