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We recently launched our new service Commissioner+, we've designed the service to make it even easier to discover the right creative for your project and streamline the process of commissioning the perfect creative. 

The key benefits of Commissioner+ are; 

- A brief writing service, give us your headline information, budget, timeframes, references and we will turn this into a brief for you. We can also advise on budgets and whether your brief is positioned to get the best results. 

- Filtering applications, whilst we won't make creative decisions on applications we can filter them down based on the criteria you've requested, we will then bundle up the most relevant applications and send them to you on a shareable link saving you time going through applications which aren't a clear fit.  

- Commissioner+ is a concierge service so you will be provided with an account manager who will be on hand to help with all your creative and content needs and streamline the process of using the platform. 

- As we get to know your content needs we shall also send you new creatives to check out and content trends we have seen throughout our community. 

Commissioner+ is designed to ensure you get the most from Creative Commission and to make it simple and time efficient to connect with our global community of creatives.