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Seven years ago, we set out to become the primary commissioning resource in the music industry and we have, together, grown the reputation of the business within the music industry into what it is today: respected, successful and a prosperous source of incredibly talented creative people (like you). 


In order to maintain these high standards of professionalism, we have introduced a code of conduct for our members, which outlines how we expect our members to communicate with each other, commissioners and members of the CC team.

The code of conduct has been added to the Help section and here’s a summary of it below.

  • Be polite and professional to each other
  • Follow the brief process and do not circumnavigate the platform
  • Be confidential with brief information and audio
  • Raise concerns so we can help correct and mediate
  • Ask us for assistance or clarity

Polite and Professional

Acting with integrity is about more than CC’s image: it’s about sustaining a place which we are all proud to be a part of. Ultimately, it’s about each of us knowing that we can operate in a friendly, professional and positive environment. This means acting honestly and treating each other fairly and with dignity. Let’s be friendly with each other via Messages, email and on Live Chat - we love hearing from and working with you.

Follow the Brief Process

The brief process is structured to provide global creative members of the community with a fresh range of opportunities to find paid work and forge long-term successful working relationships with new companies. It is also designed to help commissioners collate all information required to make their key decisions about who to reject, shortlist and commission.

Please do not circumnavigate the platform or go direct to the commissioner after reading or applying to a brief. If you have any questions about the Brief process, please contact us via Live Chat or email us at [email protected] - we’d be happy to help.

Be confidential

All briefs posted on Creative Commission spark the inception of a creative collaboration process which usually coincides with an undisclosed release of a product or event. Therefore confidentiality is a prerequisite requirement for Pro members of the platform and we ask you not to share information or audio links, as well as your logins, with other people outside of the platform.

Raise concerns

We all have an obligation to uphold the ethical standards of Creative Commission. If you observe behaviour that concerns you, or that may represent a violation of our Code, raise the issue promptly to an admin via Live Chat or emailing [email protected]

Doing so will allow us an opportunity to deal with the issue and correct it before it becomes a violation of conduct or damages the platform’s reputation.

Ask for assistance or clarity

We’re here to help answers your questions, fix bugs, and improve the platform from Monday to Friday. If you have any burning questions about a brief or you’d like us to ask the commissioner for clarity about something then come to us so we can add extra information to the brief. Please do not circumnavigate the platform and ask questions directly to the commissioner as this reflects badly on all of us, please ask us so we can help.