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Creative Commission does not charge a fee or take a percentage for any briefs successfully commissioned via the platform.

Our 0% commission business model means that when the time comes for the creative to be paid fully and fairly for the pre-agreed budget fee, the payment is sent directly between parties.

As members of CC can be spread all over the world, please be sure to refer to local laws, taxes and regulations before any contractual obligations are agreed.

Kill fees, instalments and deposits

It is important at the pre-commission stage to agree the payment plan and outline at which milestones or dates during the commission that payment is due.

A common method to protect both parties during the commissioning process, is to agree a kill fee (also called a cancellation fee) up-front. According to The Balance Small Business, a kill fee is "a payment... to the freelancer when their assigned article is killed or canceled. It is generally expressed as a percentage of the total payment, and it's used to afford the freelancer with a certain sense of confidence."

Some designers may specify that the deposit, which is usually a percentage of the project estimate, serves as a kill fee. Lifewire explains: "a non-refundable deposit and cancellation clause protects [the creative] from having hours of uncompensated work during the critical research, brainstorming and conceptualization phase of a project."

With some video projects, it may require the fee and budget to be split across the life of the project so for example, half on being commissioned, (to cover costs for example) with the balance due on delivery of the video.