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One of our favourite things about Creative Commission is that we can provide you with specialised updates by learning more about you as you complete your profile information and use the site over time.

This article provides an overview of the information you’ve allowed us to collect, and guidance for how to change the permissions on some of this information.

This article is just a guide, so be sure to read our Privacy Policy for the most comprehensive information about your relationship with us. 


While you have a Creative Commission account, certain information will always be publicly viewable:

  • Your username and month of registration, plus, if you have added them,
  • Your profile photo
  • Cover photo
  • Portfolio images
  • Showreel and videos
  • Public projects
  • Links to your other websites and social media profiles
  • Listed skills, and
  • Your profile description

Remember: Information that is publicly available, may be used, linked to, or re-shared by others on the service or across the web.

To remove your data totally from our platform and servers, and to delete your account entirely, please email [email protected].