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Here's what happens to an Application after it has been submitted.


After an application is submitted, a unique URL link to read the application, along with the application headline, applicant's username and their profile picture, is added to a compiled daily round-up email. This digest email is sent directly to the commissioner's email inbox every afternoon. We also email the commissioner when a brief closes with a link to the full list of applications that they have received.

Of course, most commissioners head to CC several times per day during the brief's lifespan too to check their applications, which are listed in the right sidebar for logged-in commissioners.

When an application is sent it is added to the Applications page, where you will see this icon to let you know that your application has been sent.


As applications roll in for a brief, the next stage is for the commissioner to separate them to distinguish between which creatives they would like to explore working with and those they would like to reject. This icon on the Applications page denotes that the application has been seen and is awaiting a response from the commissioner.


Declined applicants will see this icon and, if provided, the commissioner's reason and feedback will be viewable against the application itself (above the headline).


Commissioners can now favourite applications as they go through the commissioning process without needing to add potential suitors to a shortlist at that stage. Simply click the icon against an application to bookmark this creative for future reference.


As detailed here, once the commissioner has removed any applications that they do not want to pursue by rejecting them, they can then share the remaining applications with team members or fellow representatives of the artist, such as with label or management, for a second opinion. One really helpful new addition to the Share page is that anyone who has been sent the secret share link can also use the icon to provide feedback to the commissioner about their favourite respondents.


If your application is shortlisted, you'll see this icon which means that you are being considered for the project.


If an applicant has been shortlisted, and the commissioner opts to contact them, then the commissioner can contact you via Messages, where it is likely that the applicant will be asked additional questions or invited for a meeting, call or coffee to discuss things further.