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Creative Commission's application process makes it as quick and convenient as possible for creatives to apply to commissioners' written briefs. In an application a creative can easily provide key details about themselves and how and why they want to work on a given project.

Most music industry commissioners require a large amount of creative content for each of their artist's campaigns, which means that they often need to find new people to work with on a regular basis who have the right blend of experience and a visual style which matches the artist and their campaign. That's how Creative Commission steps in to make this complicated process more streamlined and efficient.

The Brief and the Application are the two key components of Creative Commission, with each part dovetailing neatly together to form a call-and-response method between what the commissioner needs and what each creative can uniquely provide.

Here's an overview below about the application process.


  • Only creative members of CC who have an active and upgraded Pro membership can apply to a brief
  • Each open brief posted is available to apply to once per creative before it expires on its deadline date
  • Once you have applied to a brief you cannot edit, amend or delete it (similar to sending or retrieving an email)
  • Some briefs are restricted to creatives situated in a given location, for instance a music video shoot in London
  • As a reminder to apply, you can pin a brief by clicking the icon on the top right of a brief