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EUR €3,500
07 Feb 2022
Visual identity for Berlin-based electronic and techno label

[COMMISSIONER] record label is looking for a new visual identity that will help support the label's development as a forward-thinking and artistic outlet for quality electronic music.

This new identity will cover all of the label's output, from releases and social media imagery to events and physical products, as well as supporting motion graphics, with the possibility of developing a series of NFTs.

Visual theme: 

The new design should have an element of scientific theory connected to the label's name. At the same time, it could also complement and have a subtle reference to the visual identity of [FOUNDERS], which has a Bauhaus aesthetic.


Waveforms, optical illusions, scientific infographics and shapes could be used in a simple yet effective way to create a scientific edge and relevance to the creative technological way music can be made.

Colours can vary but preferably bright/striking colours alongside the classic black and white. These should be determined by the type of design used and the release title/music type on release.

Scientific sequences or experiments without over-complication, e.g. doppler effect, light experiments. 

Two versions of the logo, preferably either landscape or square. We must have something that can adapt to our own artwork and in other circumstances.


To date, there has not been a consistent, cohesive visual identity applied across the label as a whole. Various visual themes have been disjointed and not collectively formed a coherent vision for the label. It is now time to create a strong identity that is modern and striking and can be adapted for multiple platforms, formats and themes. 

This new visual identity should be artistic and fresh but not be too cutting edge/futuristic. It's is not a label of obscure experimental electronica or industrial techno. It should still be accessible. 

Create a new direction for the label that can develop into the future. A new identity should not be set in stone for the next five years but be open to direction and development on an ongoing basis. 

The new identity should consist of multiple 'themes' that can be applied to different content groups, including but not limited to: 

  • Release artworks - unique artworks for each release on the label, be it a single/EP or album, in both physical (vinyl, cassette, posters) and digital (square, stories etc.)
  • Event artworks (event name, lineup, date/location etc.) - multiple online & physical formats
  • Podcast/mix covers - a unique artwork that is used for an ongoing '[COMMISSIONER] Mix' series featuring different artists, using artist photos and/or names 
  • Compilation - a separate series of imagery/themes for the [COMPILATION SERIES] compilation series, 2-4 releases per year 
  • Social media standards - templates for general social media posts for announcements, news and other forms of content 
  • Motion Graphics - incorporate motion graphics as part of each theme or release. 

We would also require a playbook/stylebook that clearly outlines templates for the assets and how they should be used on the relevant platforms (including vinyl, CDs, digital releases, social media, etc.).

All design versions should be made accessible to us by the designer as 'master templates' to produce subsequent formats of each design, with the ability to edit the templates and open files as required.


This global brief is open to all applicants, regardless of location.

Please apply with relevant examples of your work and CC projects. Creative Commission does not allow free pitching and applicants are not expected to submit finished work at this stage.

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