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GBP £1,500
07 Jan 2022
Major label would like to collaborate with creatives specialising in TikTok and Snapchat

[MAJOR LABEL] label [RECORD LABEL] are looking for a creative specialising in TikTok/Snapchat compilations and with experience in creating and working with these.

We have an artist and track which is blowing up and so we need a Snapchat/Vertical video mixed type of video compilation that is dynamic and exciting for [TRACK TITLE].

Ideally, this would be based on the artwork/going out theme - we can use TikToks or Stock Footage. In the past, we have outsourced our own material as well so happy to share some pictures. 


This global brief is open to all applicants, regardless of location.

Please apply with relevant examples of your work and CC projects. Creative Commission does not allow free pitching and applicants are not expected to submit finished work at this stage.

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