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GBP £4,000
25 Aug 2023
Video editor needed, footage is shot but needs compiling into a series of promotional videos for this music companies services

[company name here] is in search for a video editor who would be able to edit together footage to create an interesting, fun video for a company.

We are looking for a lot of snappy talking heads style clips edited creatively against each other, with each interviewee being asked the same questions. Their answers should be cut against each other, as well as some clips of some of our favourite product launches from the past year. 

Please apply with your reel, CC projects and relevant examples of your work, thank you.


This global brief is open to all applicants, regardless of location.

Please apply with relevant examples of your work and CC projects. Creative Commission does not allow free pitching and applicants are not expected to submit finished work at this stage.

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