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Nobody's Wolf Child

Before the pain there was nothing. Then she cut out her own heart and jumped. And so she fell into the ever hungry arms of desire. Their molten fingers like golden tongues licked through her veins turning them to fire.

Nobody's Wolf Child is a blend of Cinema and Pop. Each song is created to be within an alternative place of its own. Song production choices were made to represent these audio spaces and the mood of the creatures within. The more you listen the more you will hear the sounds beyond the song, the world that is being created, and uncover the lore behind it.

As a full 360 project, each song also has its own specific visual counterpart. The visuals are a fundamental part of the storytelling, coming from the very bones of the song. The overarching storyline is about the relationship between the Wolf Child and the outside world. Whilst she discovers her strength, supported and healed by the natural world, she also becomes more alienated from human society.

“When you tread into this place, tread lightly and look over your shoulder. You are the one who really doesn’t belong here”