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Born in Bristol to Nigerian parents, Conducta, whose moniker was inspired by the ‘ta’ in Skepta, grew up on a diet of ‘90s R&B, Bad Boy-era rap, New Jack Swing and UK garage (UKG). He became obsessed with music television channel MTV Base as a young boy, and the discovery of Teddy Riley’s swagged-out take on R&B in particular blew his mind. “The mad thing about New Jack Swing was that it made the final lineage for it being normal for rap music to have singing in it,” he says. Conducta’s early musical tastes were more in-line with someone twice his age, and that innate hunger for understanding where genres come from, and how they bounce off one another, has put him in great stead. These influences can be heard throughout his own productions: in the melodic structure of ‘Come & Go’ with Alyss, ‘Steezing’ with Coco and J’Danna, and the vocal arrangements of ‘Not Enough’ and ‘Only U’.