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Andy Grammer

My name is Andy. I try to write songs that remind us about things we may have forgotten. Through these songs, I want to remind myself and you to listen to that sometimes-quiet inner voice that can be drowned out by negative thoughts. At their best, I like to think of songs as invisible spiritual chiropractors, they bring us back to our center. They give us little reminders when we least expect it. A lot of my philosophy and inspiration comes from my Mom. She taught me that music is the ladder to our souls. She died when I was 25. Her death broke me into a million pieces. I learned a lot by putting myself back together. After her death, I spent most of my time street performing, often with no one listening. No one wants happy songs from someone who hasn't truly been sad. I’ve been sad. This past year without any shows has been especially hard on me. I think, like many others, it forced me to reevaluate where I get my self-worth from. These new songs provide a front row seat into my attempt to vulnerably examine and explain my ongoing journey to love myself. I hope these songs help us climb higher together.