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United Kingdom

Description 2

I am an illustrator/designer Based in Bristol, UK.

(You can view my work at

my specialties include drawing, printmaking, collage and typography. I work in both graphic design and illustration. I have worked on a wide variety of projects including logo design, typography design, architectural Illustration, record cover design, poster/flyer design and T-shirt prints.

the following are highlights of my skills:

- Proficient in the use of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe in Design.

- Appropriate and creative use of typography as well as the ability to create my own typography.

- Strong sense of composition/layout; I can arrange image and text to communicate information clearly.

- Colour sense/colour theory; I am confident in using colours appropriately and sensitively to communicate.

- Creative thinking and problem solving; I enjoy challenging briefs and creating visual solutions.

- Creating work for print; I know how to prepare work appropriately for print and understand the printing process.

- Working with others; I have worked as an illustrator in an office with others, I can be relied on and work as part of a team.

- Drawing; I can draft ideas quickly, draw with traditional mediums as well as with software.

- Printmaking; I often work in a way that is suited to printing, I can hand screen print items such as book covers, record sleeves or t-Shirts/tote bags.

- Time management/Deadline management; I can work to tight deadlines and manage multiple projects at a time.

- Communication; I communicate and work closely with my clients to ensure a result they are completely satisfied with.