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Music video for yunè pinku


I was contacted by Outlier Artists to direct a music video and art direct some press photos for yunè pinku, represented by UK based label Platoon.

Featured at Wonderland and The Line of Best Fit.

‘…Across the hyperkinetic video, psychedelic visuals loop with occasional sightings of pinku within small television screens. Intergalactic and sensual in equal measure, it’s a mind-bending exploration into the scattered world of yunè pinku, and an insight into what is to come from Bluff.’ - The Line of Best Fit


Music: yunè pinku
Direction: Alice Aires
Animation: Alice Aires, Felix Weyss
Additional animation assets: Linyouxie
Storyboard assistant: Inari Sirola
Camera: Ryan Blackwell
Additional Footage: Jack Durman
Hair & makeup: Maeve McElholm
Styling: Jolin Tung
Fashion: Neon Lee
Label: Platoon