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Good Dancers - Emmy Curl


This is a music video I animated and directed, for a song by musician emmy Curl.

Short synopsis:

A visual poem around the idea of transformation and finding love in oneself. In an inner landscape, doubles of the same figure engage in a dance, an interplay of oneiric visual metaphors.

The aesthetic treatment of this video was inspired by the concept of Emmy's latest album. It reflects a hopeful utopic vision where humans, nature and technology exist in balance. This arose from a quasi utopian experience she had when living in the city of ØPorto (Portugal). She states the following about it: ‘Living in ØPorto led me to believe that utopias can inspire the way we live, and that contact with natural surroundings is crucial for observing the city and shifting from seeing technology as a fundamental necessity. (...)' (you can read a continuation of the text in the first link below.)

I created an experimental narrative with surreal qualities, in response to the track Emmy shared with me, and the album's concept. It was my goal to reflect the loving, dream like qualities of her music and also the idea of balance, where the natural and the digital are in symbiose.

Featured here:…

Song written by emmy Curl and Gui Salgueiro.