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GBP £2,000
22 Nov 2022
Nostalgic visualiser wanted for an upcoming track from one of the most iconic pop-punk bands

[COMPANY NAME], is hoping to link with an animator who can create a visualiser for iconic pop-punk band [BAND NAME]'s new track '[SONG TITLE]'.

The brief is kept quite open to allow the animator to put their unique stamp on it. 

The album is a modern take on pop-rock and emo. The track itself sounds as throwback as it is. 

Rough Timeline for this project:

  • 28 Nov - pitch deadline 
  • 7 Dec - storyboard & first 30 second draft
  • 15 Dec - full version draft
  • 4 Jan - final delivery 
  • 13 Jan - track release

Please apply with your reel, CC projects and relevant examples of your work, thank you.


This global brief is open to all applicants, regardless of location.

Please apply with relevant examples of your work and CC projects. Creative Commission does not allow free pitching and applicants are not expected to submit finished work at this stage.

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