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USD $2,500
Florida, United States
23 Sep 2022
Miami based music video director? Connect with this TikTok legend on his next promo

Record label [LABEL NAME] is looking for a music video director for the music artist and TikTok legend [ARTIST NAME]

[ARTIST NAME] is launching his debut EP at the top of November.

The label is looking to shoot a modest music video in Miami ahead of the release date. We are thinking quick cuts and fast-paced to match his kinetic pop-punk energy to match the music.

If you are a Miami/Florida based music video director we are keen to see your reel.

Please apply with your reel and relevant examples of your work as CC projects. 


This is a location-specific brief and only applicants based in, or with the ability to travel to, United States will be considered for this opportunity.


At the initial interest phase of the application process for a video brief, please only apply with:

  • Attach recent examples of videos you have directed or worked on via Projects.
  • A short, friendly written introduction about you, your experience and style Pro briefs only
  • Links to your showreel, so the commissioner can see the best of your work Pro briefs only

We Direct Music Videos

In line with We Direct Music Videos' guidelines, CC does not allow free pitching and applicants are not expected to submit any treatments at the pre-commission stage of the briefing process.

Our goal is to push for improvements in the music video process to be more respectful, transparent, and minimize free work on behalf of the thousands of music video directors our organization represents. Find out more

This fairer process is designed to ensure that commissioners receive a sufficient amount of creative options to select from, while reducing the time directors spend pitching.

Therefore we limit the number of shortlisted directors invited to complete a treatment to a maximum of five.

Once you have applied to this brief, you will be notified after the application deadline whether you have been shortlisted to progress to the next phase.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit a treatment, which typically consists of a written outline of the video concept and how it will be executed plus images and reference videos, submitted as a PDF.

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